Membership Re-validation & Update Form

Pursuant to Schedule 3, paragraph 2, sub-paragraph 4 of CIoTA Act, 2019, all old members or members of the Old Institute are hereby called upon to revalidate or re-register their Membership and receive new certificates and membership number / endorsements for the New Institute.

This exercise which is for all membership cadres has already commenced and will last for three months. Surcharges will follow thereafter and/or subsequent requests will be treated as New Membership registration under a new regime of fees and examinations.


The personal data provided on this ‘Membership Information Updating Form’ is used by Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria [“the Institute” hereafter] for purposes related to the affairs of the Institute.  Under the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, members of the Institute have rights to request access to and make correction of their personal data.  Members wishing to access to or amend their personal data should submit written request to the Institute by e-mail:,,

Download the form, fill it then send us the form back the Institute by e-mail:,,