Membership Grades Level

Grades of membership of the institute are available to those who have achieved recognised level of academic and professional experience or made notable contributions to transport profession in accordance with membership rules of the institute. Depending on their respective levels of achievement, applicants will be eligible for one of the five grades of membership of which three are of the corporate grades and two are of the non-corporate grade.

Membership is drawn from individuals either working in or associated with transport logistics, and allied industry. We elect applicants to a grade of membership appropriate to their background, skill, professional work experience and academic attainments.


  • Students
  • Graduate
  • Associate members
  • Full members
  • Fellows
  • Corporate [Institutional members]


Student entry is open to persons who are above the age of 16 and who are registered for the CIOTA professional Qualifying Examinations scheme  having a minimum of five [5] credit passes in WASC, SSCE and GCE ‘O’ level including English language, mathematics, economics, geography or its equivalent

Undergraduates currently undergoing course of study in transport management, in tertiary institutions in Nigeria or Overseas. All registered students for training shall become professional student members only after satisfying the specified qualification/requirements for membership or passed the prescribed examinations as approved by the academic advisory board or bye-laws of the institute.


The council is empowered to admit as graduate, persons who are above the age of 16 and have successfully completed the professional level III Advanced Diploma Examination of the Chartered Institute of Transportation Administration of Nigeria.

Applicant who possesses an undergraduate degree accredited by the Institute or have completed and accredited conversion course. Initial applications should normally be accompanied by qualification transcripts. Acceptable members on this grade are entitled to use the initial GradInstTA after their names


The corporate grade of “associate member” may be offered to;

New applicants and graduates who has satisfied the council requirements as to his/her academic and professional attainment and has been in a recognised position or a middle management level in the transport industry, the profession and armed services. Directly concerned with the management of transport management functions for a period of not less than two consecutive years.

Non-corporate members of the institute who have qualified by passing or being exempted from, the institute professional qualifying examination, at least two years practical transport management experience. Alternatively, non-corporate members may be elected by associate member, by virtue of length of time in the lower grade, or advancement in their academics and professional employment. All associate members are entitled to use the initial “AMinstTA” after their names


The corporate grade of full member may be offered to;

Associate members over the age of 30years, who have held that grade actively for at least two years.

Non-corporate and corporate members who have successfully passed or been exempted from the institute’s professional qualifying examinations and who it addition have demonstrated their ability to function effectively in position of high managerial responsibility within the transport industry.

New applicants who have been in a continuous practice for a period not less than five years in a senior management level, who by virtue f the academic qualifications and responsibilities of their appointment in the transport industry, commerce, armed service and academic institutions are considered to justify the council requirement for granting full membership of the institute. All full members are entitled to use the initial MInstTA” after their names.


The grade of fellow is the highest accolade the institute can bestow. It is reserved for person of distinction over the age of 30, who have held the grade of full member for at least [10] years and have rendered over a long period, an outstanding service to the institute.

Any person who has satisfied the council requirements and has been in continuous practice for period not less than [10] years, three of which must be in a senior executive/directorate level in substantial transport or allied organisations; and has in the opinion of the council, renders special or outstanding service to the institute, the industry and the country at large.

Election to the grade of fellow must be approved by the GOVERNING COUNCIL and they are entitled to use the initial “FIstTA” after their names.


This grade can be offered to corporate organisations:

  • If it satisfies the council that it’s eligible to be registered.
  • It satisfied all other criteria as may be specified by the council from time to time.
  • A corporate or institutional member of the institute shall be entitled to receive, from the council, a certificate in such a form as the council may approve for that purpose